Texas Christmas Tree Growers Association
Presidents Message

Tish Woodruff

TCTGA President
Tish Woodruff
Kadee Christmas Tree Farm

Hello and Greetings to all!
It is my pleasure to serve as the President of the TCTGA this year. My family and I have learned so much from this organization and I am excited to continue promoting a sense of community within this industry and supporting new and established farms in any way I can.
I look forward to working with you all this coming year, and I invite you to reach out with any questions you may have.
Thank you for this opportunity to serve.
Blessings to all for a great season!
Yours truly,
Tish Woodruff
Kadee Farm

2023 – 2024 Coming Events

Halloween - October 31, 2023
Thanksgiving - November 23, 2023
Governors Christmas Tree Delivery - November 27, 2023, Austin, TX at the Capitol
Seedling Pickup - January 6, 2024, at ArborGen Super Tree Nursery, Bullard, TX

South Field Day - April 6, 2024 at Tim's Trees, Wheelock, TX Host: Tim and Anna Belle Knezek
North Field Day - April 13, 2024 at Shooting Star Ranch of Texas & Campbell, TX. Host: Dennis Duke
Annual Conference - In August 2024/More information to come

I would like to introduce your Board Officers and Directors.
Tish Woodruff (Kadee Christmas Tree Farm)
President Elect:Jan Peery (Tanglewood Christmas Trees)
Vice President: Ken Utz (The Farm)
NCTA Director: Bob Jones(Sring Creek Growers)
Past President: Dan Perry (Tanglewood Christmas Trees)

North Directors:

  • •     Jason Martin (Panola Orchard & Gardens)
  • •     Dennis Duke (Shooting Star Ranch of Texas)
  • •     Stacy Gee (Crazy Women Farm)
South Directors:
  • •     Susan Meyers (M2 Christmas Tree Farm)
  • •     Leigh Ann Smith (Holiday Acres)
  • •     Doug Hingst (Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm Inc.)

Our next Yule Tidings will be coming out in the October. I wish each of the growing and selling farms a very successful 2023 selling season. I also would like to say welcome to our new growers who have begun planting and planning their Christmas Tree farms and to those who are interested in pursuing being a Christmas Tree Growing Farm.


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