Texas Christmas Tree Growers Association Seedling Program!

2020 Seedling Orders Schedule

This year’s Schedule for buying Virginia Pine seedlings is as follows

June 17th through June 21st – 17 people from 2019 who did not get their orders due to shortage.

June 22nd through August 5th – Members only

August 6th through September 15 or while supplies last – will be first come first serve.

If you have any questions please let me know
Thank you,
Stan Reed
TCTGA Headquarters

You can order either on line

or by fax or mailing the form in.

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  • TCTGA Virginia Pine seedlings are the ONLY seedlings grown from a seed source that is the result of years of genetic selection by Texas A&M.
  • TCTGA seedlings have been genetically selected for the best Christmas Tree growing characteristics and adaptability to our Texas climate.
  • Our seedlings are grown in a State of the Art forest nursery growing facility for optimum viability.
  • Our Virginia Pine Seedlings continue to be an excellent VALUE.
  • Your purchase supports, TGTGA’s partnership with Texas Forest Service in maintaining and managing the Virginia Pines seed orchard that will help to provide the seed supply for years to come.
  • Your purchase supports future research efforts in furthering Virginia pine genetic selection improvement.

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