Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Your real Christmas tree is a renewable resource. It is grown as a harvestable crop and once you cut it down for your home, the farmers replant new trees for future Christmas seasons. Because Christmas trees are all natural, they are biodegradable and have a variety of uses including:

  • Mulch (many cities and counties offer free mulch from recycled trees)

  • Beach erosion prevention

  • River shoreline stabilization

  • Fish habitat

  • Marshland sedimentation

Where to Recycle Your Tree

Make sure at the end of the Christmas season, that you recycle your tree to give back to the environment.

Go to or check with your city or county to see what options they have for recycling your tree.

Girl with tree

  • Caring For Your Tree

  • Recycle your tree

  • Christmas Tree Types

  • History of the Christmas tree

  • How Christmas trees are grown


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