Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

 How long does it take a Christmas Tree to grow?

Most trees grown in Texas are between 3 and 6 years old when they are sold as Christmas trees. Many trees which are grown in the northern states take longer to grow. Back to top

 Which type of Christmas Tree is best for someone with allergies?

Most people that have allergies to evergreen trees are bothered by the pollen which the trees produce in the spring. Usually at Christmas time, the trees do not have pollen. The Leyland Cypress, which does not produce pollen and does not have a scent, is considered one of the best types of trees for people with allergies. You can learn more about these trees on the Tree Types page. Back to top

 Do I bring my own saw to a Christmas Tree Farm to cut the tree?

Each farm has its own way of doing things. Many farms provide saws for you to cut the tree. Some farms cut the trees for you. Locate the farm you want to visit and contact it for details about its operation. Back to top

 Where do I get Afghan seedlings?

Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm (830-510-6006), located west of San Antonio, provides Afghan seedlings to most of the farms which grow this type of tree. Virginia Pine bare root seedlings may be purchased through the Texas Christmas Tree Growers Association. These are ordered in the fall and delivered in January. Back to top

 How do you start a Christmas tree farm?

TCTGA usually has a new grower’s seminar each spring to provide information to people interested in starting a tree farm. Contact us if you'd like more information on the next seminar. In the meantime, learn more about growing Christmas trees on the How Christmas Trees are Grown page. Back to top

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