Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What if I do not like the free web site from what I give you?

You can always change it at the convention or just send me an email at Do put your farm name in the email subject box.   Please do not call.  Verbal instructions can and realistically will be misinterpreted!

2.  What if I have changes on something relatively minor like hours or days open?

Send an email or see me at the convention.

3.  What is the cost to me of this free web site?

It is free as long as your board of directors decide to have it free as part of your yearly membership.

4.  Can you use my farm name as the URL for this web site?  

I will however try to incorporate your farm name into the URL for this free web site.  For example, ABC Christmas Tree Farm  would have a URL of  You can use this URL in all of your advertising.   

5.  What if I must have a URL like

If you wish to get your own URL, we will provide you with a 3.5 inch disk with the web site pages on it for you to upload to your own server with this URL.  For your information, the cost of a server to handle your own URL/web site would be around $10-15 per month and roughly $35 per year for your farm URL (  The software to upload to the server is in the range of $35.  In summary, It will cost you roughly $150 to $200 to have your own URL.  If you hire someone to make changes and upload it to the server, this will be extra.  ( I will not upload to your URL since this requires password exchange.)  
If this is what you must have, I would seriously suggest volunteering to help us on this project, learn how to build your own web site and how to upload it to a server.  We on the web site committee are great teachers.

6.  I am totally confused and not sure what this free web site will look like?

Go to and check the free web sites done for other farms.  Pick and choose background color, layout etc. that others have requested.  In some of the free web sites done, you will also see where we direct you to another web site.  These farms had a free web site and decided to go ahead and do their own with their own URL.  See FAQ 5 above.      

7.  What if I want buttons, sound, video, dancing santa on my web site?

Sorry, this is above the scope of what we can do for free!  We are just trying to provide everyone with a bare bones but workable web site.  If you must have these additional items, I would strongly urge either doing it yourself or hiring someone to do it for you.

8.  Can I send you pictures  and changes by email?  

Yes, just make sure the picture is in the "jpeg" format and less that 200,000 bytes.  If you do not understand these terms, I would suggest just mailing the pictures to me.  Changes however can be sent by email.  Again, make sure you include your farm name in the subject box.   My email address is "".  If you do not hear from me in a couple of weeks, do send another email.  I will normally reply to you when I receive your email and give you an estimate of time on when the web site or changes will be done.   

9.  Does the web site committee need help?

I thought you would never ask!  Yes, we can use volunteers of all skill levels.  We do try to limit the amount of your time taken with most tasks taking less than 8 hours per year.  Oh yes, we do train.

(Updated Page  08/30/2018)